Install Twister

Self-hosted twister node installation

• The software provided as is, we do not provide any warancies and you install and use this software by your own risk.

• If you need any help with installation issues, please use feedback link in the package selected.

• Pay attention, twister database is the open and distributed storage for the public activity, all requests sending thought independent peer nodes using BitTorrent protocol. By sharing any messages to the network you will not be able to update or delete it.

• Twister is not anonimizing software. If your personal data is sensitive, you should care about the environment security first, before launch the node.


Ready to use, simple to install, pre-compiled binaries


TA Edition v1.1
All-inclusive build, based on the TA Edition twister-core and twister-html sources. Allows to launch twister in web browser from the Application menu.

Build from Source

Configure and customize the software for specific needs
To make compilation process more simplest, use following command-line scripts:

1. Install twister core

Twister core is patched and independent fork of Bitcoin core, which provides user registration and authentication features. Post distribution in this package uses kademlia DHT network and bittorrent-like swarms, both are provided by libtorrent. Twister core needed to interact with the twisterverse network, using any kind of applications, provided in the next step.
Master Edition v1.1
Official, stable twister core node.
TA Edition v1.2
Community-maintained twister core node, that includes official updates.

2. Choose application to interact with twister core

Web application needed to interact with twister core ecosystem using web browser.
Master Edition v1.0
Official, stable twister web app client.
Blaster Edition v1.0
Official, nigtly twister web app client that includes latest beta updates.
TA Edition v1.5
Community-based, web app client, includes official Blaster updates, contain alternative features like newest multimedia formats and protocols support, additional templates etc.

3. Support the network

To support the twister infrastructure, just start generating blocks and advertise.
Twister node is a storage (database) for the data of people you are following.
Find and follow as many profiles as possible according to your interests or become Twister Data Guardian node.
Altertnatively, like Bitcoin, twister network requires a couple of special DNS servers (seeders) which provide an updated list of known peers. If you have a 24×7 linux machine and you are able to add an special NS record to your domain, please consider running twister-seeder:
Master Edition v1.0
Official, stable twister-seeder node.
TA Edition v1.0
Community-maintained twister-seeder node.