Cloud Resources

Simplest way interact Twisterverse everywhere, from any device

• Twisterarmy Cloud is an Open Source web server and service Project that allows interact Twister Network remotely.

• Every server in list below is the independent node instance, that provides shared access to itself twister-core running.

• Cloud Server software still under development and published for testing needs only.

• Service operators not provide any the warranties for safety accounts the data. Import existing wallets on your own risk.

• Server administrators can access users private keys by the current software implementation.

• Pay attention, twister database is the open and distributed storage for the public activity, all requests sending thought independent peer nodes using BitTorrent protocol. By sharing any messages to the network you will not be able to update or delete it.

Choose your server

Login credentials are compatible between any the cloud resource, but DHT data would be different by the network architecture.
Twisterarmy [CS1]
Free, community instance, running original cloud-server pre-releases on the organization dedicated server.

Become service provider

Running server instance helps users easily join twisterverse from any device without instal the local node and downloading blockchain.

Cloud node swarms the DHT data by it users activity and supports twister network infrastructure.

Service providers able to get monetization using their own pricing policy, customize the cloud servers without any restrictions because the software 100% Open Source under the MIT License.

Cloud Server v0.1 (Alpha)
Latest, community source code.